MK K5016 Surface Mount PIR 360 Motion Sensor

General Information

The 360° Surface Mount Motion Sensor uses a passive infrared sensor which reacts to changes in temperature emitted by the motion of persons or objects passing through its detecting area. When you enter the room, it turns on automatically the light to which it is connected and the light remains lit as long as the sensor detects any activity in the room. It however will automatically turn off the light after the preset turn-off time is expired. During the day, the built-in photocell sensor saves electricity by deactivating the light.

Safety Precautions

  •  Be sure to switch off power source before installing
  •  Make sure that the power wiring comes from circuit with an external 16A miniature circuit breaker for the  short circuit protection or a suitable fuse 
  •  The unit cannot be installed on the wall
  •  The installation of this device should be made by a qualified electrician

Choosing A Mounting Location

  •  Avoid aiming the motion sensor at heating vents, air conditioners or objects, which may change  temperature rapidly
  •  Do not install in bathrooms / shower rooms
  •  Prior to mounting the light fixture, remember to position the motion sensor so that a moving object cuts “across”


  •  Power requirement :  AC 220 ~ 240V / 50Hz
  •  Detection angle :  Up to 360° at 25°C at 5m
  •  Detection range :  Up to 5m radius at 25°C at 2.2m height Up to 7m radius at 25°C at 5m height
  •  Mounting height :  Recommended ceiling height 2.2m or 5m 
  •  Mounting type :  Screw mount
  •  Isolation switch control : AUTO/OFF
  •  Time adjustment :  Adjustable 5 seconds ~ 40 minutes
  •  Lux adjustment : Approx. 30 ~ 200 Lux
  •  Warm up time : About 1 minute
  •  Protection degree :  IP20
  •  Safety : CE