i-Pook PK56A Optical Power Meter

Product features:

This product adopts low power intelligent control chip, similar products in the first 9 accurate calibration design to solve the similar products non common basic range (extended range) the accuracy is not high, from the design to ensure product accuracy

Products with low power design, the battery can achieve a long working life, the province less frequent replacement battery troubles for the user to provide value for money products selection of products can be widely used in telecommunications, communications, engineering and other occasions

Linear (mW) and nonlinear index (dBm) and wavelength selection with the same screen display

Unique FC/SC/ST universal interface, no complex conversion

Optional auto off function

Optional on / off of the backlight display

Output power 10mW, red pen function, optical fiber identification distance of 10-12 km above

Product components:

Color box packaging

Optical power meter PK56BE host

Kit one

Manual, warranty card, a card box



Wavelength: 85098013001310149015501620

Measurement range: -70~+6dbm

Uncertainty: 3% (5%)

Display resolution: 0.01

Interface type: SC FC ST, 2.5MM connector

Sensor type: inGAaS

Size: 140X64X32MM

Weight: 200 g