Benetech GM1020 Illuminometer

1.Powerful measurement functions:it can measure not only current values,naximums,and minimums of illuminance and temperature,but also illuinance difference,integrating illuminance,and average integrating illuminance.
2.Support for automaitic storage of illuminance data (up to 1900 groups) and manual storage of illuminance data(up to 60 groups)
3.Wide measuring range(0 to 200,000lux) and support of automatic range shift
4.Delivered with computer-based analysis software,allowing users to operate the meter with easy
5.Quick response,high portable and operable by a single Handheld
6.The sensor can be rotated

Measurable objects:Illuminance and temperature/difference,MAX/MIN illuminance temperature,integrating illuminance and integrating time and avarage integrating illuminance.
Photoelectric element:Silicon diode
Thermal probe:NTC thermistor
Measuring range: 0~200,000 Lux,into four ranges
X1  0   199.9 Lux
X10   200  1999.9 Lux
X100   2000   19999.9 Lux
X1000  20000   200000 Lux
Temperature range:0~40C
Illuminance accuracy: ±3% (Blow10000 Lux)
                              ±4% (Above10000 Lux)
Temperature accuracy:±1.0°
Unit : Lux/°; Lux/°; FC/°; FC/°;
Operating Temperature /Humidity:0~40° 10~90%RH
Storage Temperature/Humidity:-20~50° 10~90%RH